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Belen captured so many beautiful moments for couples this last year! She traveled to Sonoma, CA, and St. Louis, MO for some exciting destination weddings, and photographed a variety of gorgeous weddings here at home in Chicago!

Belen Blog

Photographer Profile: Belen  Aquino

Favorite Wedding Moment: “The hysterically funny roast of a groom by his Aussie and British groomsmen. I was laughing to hard that I could barely shoot straight.”

If you had to do your OWN wedding over again, what would you change/do differently?: “Make the dance party last longer!

Mary Nisi (of Toast & Jam) was killing it and I never wanted it to end.”

FURTHEST place traveled to photograph a wedding: “Sonoma, California for the most breathtaking wedding I’ve ever shot. Thanks Erin and John!”

Little Known Belen Fact: “I crave a big bowl of ramen on a cold day.”

Belen’s Pro Tip: “Hire professionals. That way you can relax, have fun and not worry about a single thing on your wedding day!”